About Us

Aalisha started her business journey at the age of 10 by exploring her creative side and started selling handmade products for the local market. What began as a hobby, eventually turned her into an Entrepreneur.

Aalisha took this experience and found a way to build a scalable business called “Striking Trend", www.strikingtrend.com

Born in the USA, Aalisha is rooted in her traditions. Out of curiosity, she wondered about products which was regularly used for festive occasions and she started researching why this product was not readily available to consumers in the USA and worldwide at an affordable price. Her vision resulted in directly and indirectly employing small scale craftsmen and providing them an online international platform to sell their products at affordable price.

The message of her initiative called “HandicraftsCharm” urges everyone to stand in solidarity with the skillful craftsman with the intention to spread awareness.

Buy our products and support her vision of empowering skilled artisans and helping them earn a decent livelihood by showcasing their talent through this platform “Strikingtrend”.

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