Rent a Look

We also provide rentals to RTP area for any occasions at half price! Just choose what you want to rent from our product catalog and pick it up on the day of the event for 24 hours rental. Minimum floral rental of $50.

Almost all our products on our catalog are available for half price. We dont resell our products used for rentals. 

In addition to the product rental, we also provide following rental add ons :

  • Backdrop Stand Adjustable 4 to 10 ft wide by 4 to 10 feet height - $ 30
  • Curtains (set of 2) - $8 - We have various colors available

Don’t spend a fortune on event planning designers/ decorators. If you can't decide what you want to rent, we can customize rental look/design for event to make it seemless for you for a nominal fees of $ 50. Above are few pictures for rental look created for clients according to their budget.  

Contact us on  or for details.

Our products can be used for various events such as- 

  • Wedding decor
  • Haldi ceremony
  • House Warming
  • Milestone events
  • Anniversaries
  • Golu festival
  • Half Saree
  • Onam festival
  • Puja Decoration
  • Mehndi decorations
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Floral Walls
  • Baby Shower
  • Indian Weddings
  • Ganesh Decorations
  • Navrathri
  • Diwali 
  • Other south-east asian festival.